Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Lake Mungo Journey

Hi all Wilderists!

Well it's been a quiet old start to 2018 but it sure is heating up now! The Wild Women of Arkaroola PLUS and the Wilderists are off to Lake Mungo in May this year for another wild west adventure!

We put out the info this morning to our group of exploring artists and already 13 artists have booked in.... so room at the lodge is getting scarce!

Glamping is our style! We like to be able to amble around the bush, taking photos, getting down and dirty, sketching and painting away. We love to explore the lesser known places of our wonderful Australian outback.

But then at night, we love to have a great meal together in comfort, a great bed to put our head down for dreaming purposes and a clean shower to freshen us up for the next day's adventuring....

This is already shaping up to be another exciting trip together! So if you would like to journey with us or be kept up to date on where we might be heading, then you will need to join up ..... not sure if we're quite organised for newmembers yet but we'll try!

The last time I was at Lake Mungo was back in the early 90's so for me, this will be a return to a place where I first connected with the divine. I sat and watched the sun setting on the far horizon from one of the sand dunes and had a complete out of body experience which I hope to achieve again this time.... we'll see! I hope some of the others coming along to this, also experience the connection to place that can be felt in this sacred landscape.

The indigenous people know and understand how sacred Mungo is, a place where Mungo Man now has been returned home. 42,000 years have passed by since those early people roamed this land which makes this a very special place indeed. I am really excited to be taking so many of you back there with me this time and also, that now we have the elders to guide us and explain the importance and spirituality of this landscape.

Australia has so many deeply spiritual and beautiful places and this has to be one of the most important places on earth. Keep tuned for more on our journey as we update our blog and facebook pages.

Here's a photo I took out at Lake Mungo (no there is no water there! It's a dry lakebed) in the 90's!

Really looking forward to this experience (again)!

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