Monday, 24 August 2020

"Nature is abstract" Exhibition of Art at Buzzbar Mortdale

Calling all artlovers and outback explorers!

Our wonderful group of outback artists that like wild places are having an exhibition in a new art space in Mortdale in South Sydney, Buzzbar!

Our exhibition features works from our members who have been inspired by their journeys into wild places, and even sometimes into their own little gardens... which can be extremely wild of course.

We have hung 26 artworks at Buzzbar and are really thrilled, not only with the vastness of the space allowing people to view the work, but that the walls are coloured charcoal and olive, both of which show off the works to advantage!

If you wish to purchase an artwork, just ask the staff at Buzzbar!

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Back into the wild once more!

Over recent weeks, the Wilderists have met and decided to once more get out into the wild to seek out peace, inspiration and creativity.

Our first event will be "The Painter's Picnic" to be held at Mt Banks Picnic Area on Saturday 11th July, 2020 - an all day of fun and laughter out in the bush.

Why Mt Banks? The area was decimated by the recent bushfires and still today is showing clearly the devastation of those horrendous flames. So lots of charcoal drawings, paint mixed with the charcoal from the fires and forest, line drawings, pen and ink etc to come forth from this day I expect!

Here's a couple of photos from the area!

Dramatic scenes.....

President of Wilderists Inc.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Lake Mungo - even more exciting than before!

And what an experience it was for Wilderists, Cherelynne Carden and Joy Engelman. This time, we were amazed at how green it was..... whilst the ground and grass are brown here in Orange, from West Wyalong out thru Balranald and onto Mungo, 60 mm of rain had fallen in just one month! That is 5 years of rain! Ridiculous! So everywhere was green! Whoa! Where's that desert?

The heavy rain washed the sands back to bedrock and the patterns were fascinating.... making one wonder what other archeological finds have been exposed.

But we weren't disappointed at Lake Mungo.... it was still as serene and as calm and as celestial as ever....

The late afternoon sun backlit the dunes and they glowed as brightly as before in there multitude of colours... taking our breathe away....

And yours truly has been given a space to hang artworks at Mungo Lodge which is just wonderful... to be able to have artworks hung right there at the spot that inspired them! So Cherelyne and Joy took time out to set up the new exhibition "Moods of Mungo" right there on the spot....

along with a few tourist items as well.... bright earth coloured mugs, scarves, prints and more for you to enjoy and to remind you of being out these in this fabulous country ....

Here's a peek!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Wilderists are still alive and well.... and painting!

You may have heard the rumour, that the Wilderists were no longer! And yes, in a sense, Wilderists Inc. no longer is incorporated as a group, but the Wilderists still are out there, painting and exploring.... we haven't gone away! It's just that formalities don't really suit us! And we seemed to get bogged down a bit.... so in the idea of FREEDOM, we disbanded the formal group and just still do stuff together.....

These days, we set a destination and head off there and see what happens.... our most recent day away painting and being inspired was to Ganguddy (Dunn's Swamp) for a prowl about....

 A pristine day on the water.... a mirror surface and as clear as glass.... frosty morning but a bright sunny day!

 This is such a wonderful place.... the energy is clear and soft, gentle and all encompassing....

 The vistas between the trees of that silent lake, golden reeds and distant blue hills.... sweet!

A painter's dream....

"Nature is abstract" Exhibition of Art at Buzzbar Mortdale

Calling all artlovers and outback explorers! Our wonderful group of outback artists that like wild places are having an exhibition in a ne...