Thursday, 18 June 2020

Back into the wild once more!

Over recent weeks, the Wilderists have met and decided to once more get out into the wild to seek out peace, inspiration and creativity.

Our first event will be "The Painter's Picnic" to be held at Mt Banks Picnic Area on Saturday 11th July, 2020 - an all day of fun and laughter out in the bush.

Why Mt Banks? The area was decimated by the recent bushfires and still today is showing clearly the devastation of those horrendous flames. So lots of charcoal drawings, paint mixed with the charcoal from the fires and forest, line drawings, pen and ink etc to come forth from this day I expect!

Here's a couple of photos from the area!

Dramatic scenes.....

President of Wilderists Inc.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Lake Mungo - even more exciting than before!

And what an experience it was for Wilderists, Cherelynne Carden and Joy Engelman. This time, we were amazed at how green it was..... whilst the ground and grass are brown here in Orange, from West Wyalong out thru Balranald and onto Mungo, 60 mm of rain had fallen in just one month! That is 5 years of rain! Ridiculous! So everywhere was green! Whoa! Where's that desert?

The heavy rain washed the sands back to bedrock and the patterns were fascinating.... making one wonder what other archeological finds have been exposed.

But we weren't disappointed at Lake Mungo.... it was still as serene and as calm and as celestial as ever....

The late afternoon sun backlit the dunes and they glowed as brightly as before in there multitude of colours... taking our breathe away....

And yours truly has been given a space to hang artworks at Mungo Lodge which is just wonderful... to be able to have artworks hung right there at the spot that inspired them! So Cherelyne and Joy took time out to set up the new exhibition "Moods of Mungo" right there on the spot....

along with a few tourist items as well.... bright earth coloured mugs, scarves, prints and more for you to enjoy and to remind you of being out these in this fabulous country ....

Here's a peek!

Saturday, 29 June 2019

The Wilderists are still alive and well.... and painting!

You may have heard the rumour, that the Wilderists were no longer! And yes, in a sense, Wilderists Inc. no longer is incorporated as a group, but the Wilderists still are out there, painting and exploring.... we haven't gone away! It's just that formalities don't really suit us! And we seemed to get bogged down a bit.... so in the idea of FREEDOM, we disbanded the formal group and just still do stuff together.....

These days, we set a destination and head off there and see what happens.... our most recent day away painting and being inspired was to Ganguddy (Dunn's Swamp) for a prowl about....

 A pristine day on the water.... a mirror surface and as clear as glass.... frosty morning but a bright sunny day!

 This is such a wonderful place.... the energy is clear and soft, gentle and all encompassing....

 The vistas between the trees of that silent lake, golden reeds and distant blue hills.... sweet!

A painter's dream....

Friday, 23 November 2018

"The Call of the Wild" Exhibition at Grenfell a huge success!

The Wilderists had their very first ever combined exhibition in a public art space at Grenfell Art Gallery in September to October 2018 and it was a fabulous show!

Titled "The Call of the Wild", the show featured paintings, photographs, books, silk scarves with something for everyone. This was reflected in the fact that quite a few sales were made during the 5 week exhibition.

But not only did we exhibit at Grenfell, but we clambered around the Weddin National Park, climbed up to Ben Hall's Cave and picnicked in that wonderful wide open space.

We stayed in various hotels and BnB's much to every artists' delight as the colonial heritage of the town itself is imbued in everything around the area making it a rather special place to visit.

Thank you to Claire, the Director, Grenfell Art Gallery, their staff and their volunteers for the amazing space that you provide in your beautiful historic town. We loved every minute of our stay with you!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wilderists abroad....

Hi to all the wilderists back there in Oz!

Today we move over the Andes to the Amazon Zone of Peru to Chachapoya to the east of the Manranon river. We see geoglyphs depicting snakes and manta rays.

The road we travelled was the main highway to the East over the Andes. Buses ,semis and commercial traffic winding their way over vast distances and heights. 2,100 metres we clocked on our altimeter. There were many precarious spots but the vistas were amazing.

Many of the ancient cultures overlap in the sites we have visited. For example Moche, Chimu, Lambayeque - Sican and Inca. .

The images are as we crossed the mountains , remember we are not far from the equator and few epiphytes and orchids are now visible on the cliffs.

Fayah and John

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Wandering Wilderists in and around Peru!

Our first report back from our wandering wilderists! Fayah and John sent this from Peru....

"Our first archaeological site of the Sacred City of Caral-Supe is situated on a dry desert terrace terrace overlooking the green valley of the Supe river.

The 5000 year old site is one of the oldest centres of civilisation in the Americas.
Caral features six  large pyramidal structures believed to be residences of the elite and evidence of ceremonial functions. Formally discovered in 1948. The time line for Caral is about the same time as Egypt’s great pyramids.

It was a very interesting day as the weather was misty and overcast all the way to this Northern area outside of Lima. The only moisture in this area is a sea mist that creates condensation. Basically a desert created by the rain shadow of the Andes. So through the day as the mist cleared the mountains became visible with traces of low cloud and mist drifting in and out the valleys. As you can see from the photos some lovely effects can be produced.

We are off to Chankillo tomorrow all these places are civilisations well before the Inka ruled."

Friday, 18 May 2018

After arriving, wot?

So now we have rested, had a big bacon and egg breakfast, we start the day with a little demo by me at the Mungo Lodge.... I thought a quick watercolour of some the country we had just driven through the day before.... then the lovely and talented Jane Tonks took those that were willing, for a wander through the bushes to look at the area close up, find the local critters and take note of colour and form.....

(photo courtesy of John Kich)

The scrubby country is alive with colour but you can get lost very quickly if you're not paying attention. There were a lot of strange things to see and a few curious faces.....

The real highlight came that afternoon when 22 of us loaded into the bus and headed out with our guide, Mick for a walk on the dunes in the sunset. No trip to Mungo should go without this wonderful addition to the journey for the knowledge of the history and the finds amongst the dunes can only be found with a guide. It is also not allowed to walk in the dunes without a guide as the area is protected from wandering around willy nilly. The dunes are so fragile that they need to be protected..... so here's a few pics of that afternoon walk....

(photo by John Kich)

It has taken me a few days to settle down after being back out there in that place.... I love it immensely and it was good to go back. No-one can describe the feeling, you just have to go and sit and be in peace!

Back into the wild once more!

Over recent weeks, the Wilderists have met and decided to once more get out into the wild to seek out peace, inspiration and creativity. O...