Monday, 26 June 2017

"Wilderism" has emerged!

"wilderism" n. represents artists that go into the wilderness to seek inspiration and connection to 'place' through direct experience.These artists then create from their heart without regard for accepted ways of creating but rather seek to develop through loose and energetic techniques the raw forces seen in nature itself.

In the heart of New South Wales, Australia, a group of creators have launched the wilderism arts movement this last weekend, June 2017.

The originators of this movement are Joy Engelman (me), Bev Duncan, Jacqueline Wilson, David Quinlan, Susie Hillenbrand, Marion Mikkelson, Judy Kich, Margot Huebner, Cherelynne Carden, Fayah McKenzie, Rozzi Smith, Jane Tonks, Diana Brooks, Nicole Foxall, John Kich, Karrin Thurston and Kaye Partridge. There are many others yet to be mentioned but as yet haven't formally joined this new initiative.

And so, on 24th June 2017, the "Wilderists" formed an incorporated cultural organistion to promote their creations, artworks, poetry, story telling, photography etc. and the ongoing story will be told through this blog as we evolve on this journey together.

Come and join in.... we are a terrific fun bunch of people that enjoy exploring together, painting together, socialising together as we find our way through the jungle of existence!


  1. This sounds very exciting. I'd love to be involved. What are your forward plans?

    1. Hi - we're a quite large group of mainly female artists (plus some males) that span across the eastern states of Australia but most of us are in Orange.... we grew out of workshops and travel trips that we take together from time to time. We all believe that art is healing and is for everybody, we're anti-academic in that we teach people to free up and relax and play and not to be too serious about outcomes but rather focus on the act of 'doing' art.... During July, we are having paint-ins at the CCC Studios in Orange on Tuesdays and Thursdays to build on some of our experimental works together - it all about exploring, both the bush, and the emotions and connections that spring from being out in the 'bush'.... we love and want to promote the beauty of the Australian landscape. If you would like to know more you can email me and I will add you to our list for news etc.


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