Tuesday, 15 May 2018

OMG Wot a week?!

Well our tribe has just returned from the Lake Mungo trip... a journey into the heart of the outback seeking inspiration and connection.... what a serene and beautiful landscape.... gentle and still, it takes quite a while for it to seep into the soul and become available.....

In the early morning, we stood  and waited for the sun to rise and warm our bones.... boy, was it chilly!? But well worth the wait! The colours are not apparent until you look through the lens for somehow your eyes don't adjust at first..... the silence beckons you..... it serves both as a welcome change from the freneticism of town life and as a way of meeting nature at her deepest and best.

I snuck out alone on that first morning and sat at the dunes and waited to greet the sun by myself. I needed the moment to ground myself and let Mungo talk to me. This is such a delicate landscape, fragile and not readily accessible. The feeling is akin to being in a an open air cathedral with the heavens making a huge arch above. The wind blows softly and gently touches my cheeks and hair.... this is the home of aboriginal lands, the heart of country and I am blessed to be able to be back here after 30 years... little has changed although I can see changes, small changes on a timeless landscape.

Those ancient dunes contain stories, trace memories of past peoples, a 45 thousand year old story of human occupation. I wonder who were they, what were they like, what did they know to be able to survive... and a deep respect enters my soul.

It is time to return for later I will bring the others back to this special place, a place that has had a firm grip on me for many years now and I will wonder what each of them learns, and discovers from this sacred place.

Bye for now.....

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  1. What a fabulous journey to a truly special and spiritual place in the heart of the NSW outback. Its a place that stirs the imagination of the wilderist artist soul.


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