Friday, 30 June 2017

Paint-ins during July

This month on Tuesdays and Thursdays - for all of July - creators who have been to previous workshops are invited to get together for paint-ins.

The idea is to bring out all those half formed works of art, you know the ones.... and boost each others outputs together. July is our coldest month and can quite often be quite miserable, so we will gather in Gallery 2 at CCC from 10 - 2 and share ideas, thoughts, motivations together.

So let's paint away the winter....! If you would like to visit us on one of these days, then you are most welcome, whoever you are.... just ask at Orange Visitors Centre where Colour City Creatives is located.

 Susie checking for connection of the wrong kind! :-)

 Bev studies the rocks overhead and commits them to canvas

Fayah putting down first impressions of Larras Lee Siding

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