Sunday, 5 August 2018

Wandering Wilderists in and around Peru!

Our first report back from our wandering wilderists! Fayah and John sent this from Peru....

"Our first archaeological site of the Sacred City of Caral-Supe is situated on a dry desert terrace terrace overlooking the green valley of the Supe river.

The 5000 year old site is one of the oldest centres of civilisation in the Americas.
Caral features six  large pyramidal structures believed to be residences of the elite and evidence of ceremonial functions. Formally discovered in 1948. The time line for Caral is about the same time as Egypt’s great pyramids.

It was a very interesting day as the weather was misty and overcast all the way to this Northern area outside of Lima. The only moisture in this area is a sea mist that creates condensation. Basically a desert created by the rain shadow of the Andes. So through the day as the mist cleared the mountains became visible with traces of low cloud and mist drifting in and out the valleys. As you can see from the photos some lovely effects can be produced.

We are off to Chankillo tomorrow all these places are civilisations well before the Inka ruled."

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