Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wilderists abroad....

Hi to all the wilderists back there in Oz!

Today we move over the Andes to the Amazon Zone of Peru to Chachapoya to the east of the Manranon river. We see geoglyphs depicting snakes and manta rays.

The road we travelled was the main highway to the East over the Andes. Buses ,semis and commercial traffic winding their way over vast distances and heights. 2,100 metres we clocked on our altimeter. There were many precarious spots but the vistas were amazing.

Many of the ancient cultures overlap in the sites we have visited. For example Moche, Chimu, Lambayeque - Sican and Inca. .

The images are as we crossed the mountains , remember we are not far from the equator and few epiphytes and orchids are now visible on the cliffs.

Fayah and John

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